Forestry and resource management in arid zones (Semi-arid agriculture News)

The problem of dryland degradation is one of the most serious resource management problems facing the world today. Occupying about one-third of the world's land surface area, and supporting a population of more than 850 million - almost 20 percent of the world total - the drylands are rapidly being degraded through population growth, overgrazing, cropping of marginal lands, inappropriate irrigation and, not least, deforestation. Click here for details.

Advances in pinpointing plant genes for drought-tolerance (Semi-arid agriculture News)

Syngenta/Greenleaf Genetics

With its acquisitions of Garst and Golden Harvest and an agreement to share traits and germplasm with Pioneer through its Greenleaf Genetics subsidiary, Syngenta has an immense pool of corn genetics to sift through. Somewhere in those millions of DNA combinations lies the secrets to high-yielding, drought-tolerant corn. Click here for details.